Homefront Sales Goal in Danger?

THQ has been pushing Homefront quite hard for some time now, with the publisher having admitted it needed 2 million units sold just to break-even on the project. Unfortunately, review scores have hit the internet and they paint a picture of a decidedly average game.

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gravemaker2505d ago

olololo, they will never reach 2mil sales

gooodbuy average developer, so long HomeFront

xYLeinen2505d ago

Goodbye average developer?

Excuse my language, but how fucking naive are you?

gravemaker2505d ago

orly? they are average, not so good developer company with 2 bad games.

KingME2505d ago

Perhaps they should have put a coop campaign mode in it. I cancelled my order as soon as I found out that there was no coop campaign.

evrfighter2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

They may be the team that made the all successful desert combat mod for bf1942 but they failed in the console sector. Thq and mediocrity go hand in hand.

Picked a bad place to show off their skill. Should have stayed on the pc where they were well known.

Elven62505d ago

Don't bother, this is the generation of gamers who think an 8 on MC is the definition of crap and that anything below it is inferior as are the people who play them.

Kaos set out to make a gamers game, one with a good story (from what I'm hearing it's awesome), great multiplayer, dedicated servers, etc. They seem to have delivered on all fronts but it's not enough.

Now back to generic broken game #151561561561561.

heroicjanitor2505d ago


True, an 8 is the same as 4/5, and 4-star movies are seen as very good. Review sites threw 9s at big games to get fanboy clicks for so long that they are not rare any more, and now we can't go back.

AAACE52504d ago

I wish I could tell Ubisoft.... "Quit wasting your time selling this sh*t and bring out a new Rainbow Six!"

I understand they are trying to branch out. But give the fans what they want while doing so!

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PrimordialSoupBase2505d ago

Yes. Continue to eat the shit that reviewers feed you.

HolyOrangeCows2504d ago

You mean the ones that weren't released weeks ago with 9s and 10s? Or all of the 7s that have released recently?

guigsy2505d ago


In this tough economic climate there is more pressure for developers to create games that are multi-million sellers or else they are in danger of losing their jobs... and you think that's funny? I bet you wouldn't be laughing if you lost your job, but then again you sound too immature to have one.

Shackdaddy8362505d ago

Did the Homefront guys like rape your dog or something? What did they do for you to troll every single one of their topics?

Convas2505d ago

What the hell is wrong with people these days? What does Halo have to do with Homefront?


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Kran2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

See, the way THQ has advertised is the way Microsoft needs to advertise a lot of their title exclusives.

I think we all know which one I am reffering to........ the one released in may 2010.... (I KNOW THE NAME. I'm seeing if you do)

@BakedGoods Kid? I'm 18. lol. (Weird saying im 18... just turned it). And I loved Alan Wake too. But Microsoft didnt promose Alan Wake hardly at all. And look how that fared in sales? I mean its only just "apparently" got over 1 million sales. And it was released almost a year ago.

And Kane and Lynch got mediocre reviews. Look how well that strangely did.

BakedGoods2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Dude, you are one weird kid.

Alan Wake was a great game on it's own anyway. We as gamers shouldn't need marketing shoved down our throat to buy good games. Homefront will flop because it's simply average.

Lamarthedancer2505d ago

What you got to think about is if we want a sequel to a game there has got to be a good number of sales.

Imagine if Remedy turned around and said "No Alan Wake 2 the sales were shit".....even though we all know it was a good game they don't care, Microsoft don't care, all they want is sales because sales lead to money.

My point is sometimes we need Marketing shoved down our throat because people won't give a game a chance on it's own and not realise how good it is.

BakedGoods2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

I agree, sales are important when deciding on sequals, but I still don't think Wake's failure was marketing.

IMO, the 360 market just isn't interested in cerebral story-telling experiences. They like their Halos, Gears and buying avatar clothes.

To go one step further, I'd argue titles like Alan Wake would do very well on the PS3 (see: Heavy Rain.)

Lamarthedancer2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

" To go one step further, I'd argue titles like Alan Wake would do very well on the PS3 (see: Heavy Rain.)"

Exactly but when you suggest such a thing you get called a fanboy, which is really sad since it's pretty much true.

Elven62505d ago

They did advertise Alan Wake, they just didn't use traditional means to do so.

I bet the same people who bash Alan Wake's marketing campaign are the same people who rage on people like Ebert for not respecting games.

femshep2505d ago

Reviews and advertising don't matter what matters is Story and quality of the game

Alan wake was a great game cause it had both of those...kane and lynch only sold well cause dudebros don't know good games...whereas Homefront has a great story from a great writer and tho the quality may not be at its best the multiplayer is still fun to play much better than call of duty

but real gamers should know what a good game will be and what a shotty game will be...of course we all have our own opinions about games there can still be a middle ground that no one these days likes to agree on

Ducky2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

As-side from it's length (and wonky performance on PC) I can't really pin much against Homefront.

It might not revolutionize anything, and I probably wouldn't recommend it at the $60 point, but I think once the price drops down, people should give it a try.

Which is why I'm wondering if THQ wants 2M copies sold at $60 or just... 2M copies.
I don't know where exactly they spent all that money... was it the awesome trailers? O.o

ThePsychoGamer2505d ago

I believe it was 2 million lifetime sales (I could be wrong, but I believe lifetime sales mean first 8 months on market).

Game0N2505d ago

alan wake? lol the game that i didn't even know came out at the time, it just sorta snuck into release. 2 Million? thats crazy, Killzone 3 is still on its way to 1 million, i'm really having a hard time believing it will reach or exceed 2 million. Its a shame, THQ with a new logo, new goals, new ambitions and homefront isn't very popular with review sites but I will rent it.

mrkeith2505d ago

average? this game is way below average on PS3. Just generic shooting, dumb AI, and all that. Not sure why no reviews are pointing that out. Maybe PC and Xbox version looks better not sure

Lekumkee2505d ago

I don't know about the PC but I can guarantee you it look like sh*t on both systems. It's like bragging who has the best version of tetris, the point is moot.

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