GameSpot: Trackmania: Build to Race Review

TrackMania Wii's underwhelming music and visuals belie a strong, expansive driving game, with masses of tracks to master and medals to win, and a flexible, intuitive track editor. The mismatch in quality will turn off plenty of players, and others may balk at the forbidding upper reaches of Race mode. Complex stunt tracks, particular handling, and demanding target times can occasionally conspire to edge the game into frustrating, obstructive difficulty, but tenacious and skilful drivers should enjoy rising to the challenge.

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Shnazzyone2562d ago

Bummer, I was looking forward to this, liked trackmania DS, what went wrong? Listening to how this it's more like a 5 then a 7. Bummer

Venox20082562d ago

don't listen to gamespot, it's a great game, I have it.. 8,2/10