PlayStation Move Releases: Tuesday 15th March 2011 (North America)

Three Move games out today!

With just one week to go until PlayStation Move Heroes, three Moves games have hit the market to attempt to convince you to part with your money before the six heroes fly in next week. Here's what's out this week.

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FailOverHero2498d ago

Sony do not like making money. How can they launch Move Heroes with such little marketing?

newn4gguy2498d ago

Honestly, I have NO idea! Does anyone?

Ju2498d ago

TopSpin4 is a disappointment. Bad Move integration - one of the worst I've played so far.

Move Heroes looks like the latest R&C games - same visual quality. I am impressed (judging from the demo). Only beef I have (with the demo) is you can't rotate your character (or maybe I just didn't get it).

Rest I didn't care about. ;)