Bleach: Soul Ignition Scan Confirms 2 New Characters

Kyouraku Shunsui and Coyote Starrk will be in action in Bleach: Soul Ignition.

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256bit2678d ago

the demo was limited to attacks. i still think this game is going to be sweet. looks like this is going to be my 2nd import game for ps3. the other being initiald

ThanatosDMC2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Bleach needs to die... it's become too ridiculous. They could have stopped at Aizen's defeat but apparently the author wants to extend it for another 10 yrs for $$$. Now, everything has a soul including inanimate objects, power levels are out of whack, etc.

Mikelarry2678d ago

While i do agree to some extent i hope the story doesnt suffer as long they offer interesting characters. im not reay for it to be all over yet.

ThanatosDMC2678d ago

Check out One Piece. Looked kiddie at first with the weird drawing but it's damn good and it never contradicts what it tells you unlike Bleach.

ThanatosDMC2678d ago

Check out this video of the terrible censoring of 4Kids TV. The left is the original the right is laughable especially changing guns into super soakers.

Mikelarry2678d ago

i loved one piece. untill toonami went weird and stopped showing it. the last saga i watched was the one with the shark guys. i will start watching it again.

ThanatosDMC2678d ago

Dont watch that crap. Watch the japanese subbed version and im not talking about funimation's crappy translation either.

There's 2 english dub version the funimation and the kiddie one which was heavily censored. The funimation version has terrible voice actors like Buggy who's suppose to be funny has Vegeta's voice and tone instead of being a funny crazy clown.

I suggest going to , , or

tayz2678d ago

Ya, it should have ended after Aizen was defeated. but i have a feeling since hes not dead, we'll see him again as the main bad guy