Assassins Creed: Brotherhood PC got leaked almost one week before release

DasReviews writes: "It’s really funny and sad at the same time. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood for the PC is scheduled for a European release on March 18 and a North American release on March 22. Ubisoft decided to please PC gamers by abandoning the harsh DRM system they were using in their previous games and guess what. The game got leaked and is fully playable in offline mode..."

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RedDeadLB2594d ago

the game got leaked well over a month ago, only it wasn't cracked. (don't judge, ubisoft got my money from the PS3 version)

john22594d ago

The point of a proper (or 'bad' for the company) leak is for the game to be playable. Every PC game is CloneDVD'd before its release but most of them are not playable. Take for example Homefront. A CloneDVD version was floating around the torrent sites but there wasn't any crack (so THQ wasn't 'damaged' by its presence).

Here on the other hand, there is already a crack before the game's release and pirates can play it. Potential gamers might not get it due to the fact that the pirated version is playable (that goes vise-versa though, as some might get it after 'trying' it).

Sometimes it makes you wonder, was it wise for Ubisoft to drop the always-online DRM?

Basjohn2594d ago

*Sigh* And yet these articles never go into the rampant console piracy do they?

Have they even been on a major torrent site? Console games are ALWAYS leaked earlier than PC games lately AAAAND don't have release date verification making them instantly playable. DA2 came out a week early on consoles, but I didn't see an article about that did I?

It's flamebait, plain and simple.

john22594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Actually there was ( ) and states what you're saying about the leaks, but it got failed. Don't ask me why :P

gillri2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

@ Basjohn

why do you turn it into a Console VS PC is the first place?

whats wrong with you? flamebait by who?

RedDeadLB2593d ago

You know what's funny? I only checked up torrent sites for the game after I saw this article. Wouldn't have even known it got leaked if it wasn't for N4G. Thanks, I guess..

bozebo2593d ago

Yeah, of course it was leaked.

But they are going to get more actual sales now because the people paying for it it can actually play the game this time.

The last 2 sold horribly on PC, brotherhood will sell better.