Ocarina of Time Is Not the 3DS Zelda We Deserve

Golgotron says, "At E3 2010, Nintendo announced that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was getting the remake treatment for the 3DS. Although regarded as the highest rated game of all time, sending Ocarina of Time to bat to represent the Legend of Zelda franchise on a new platform at this point is simply a bad idea."

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tunaks12652d ago

and theres that sense of entitlement again...

foundation2651d ago

Yeah I suppose but I think the point is more from a standpoint of how Nintendo could get back some of the credibility they've lost with their formerly devout following.

StbI9902651d ago

It is not like there won´t be an original Tloz on the 3DS anyway, I see this only as a bonus, since me haven´t played such jewel quite ago, it is pretty welcome game to my 3DS library xD.

3DS made me a N fanboy again lol, just for that game.