The Darkness II Preview From PAX (Examiner)

Paul I Writes: "PAX east has come to an end here in Boston but the first impressions of the latest games about to be released are beginning to drop right now. I had the opportunity to sit down with The Darkness II's Project Director Sheldon Carter from Digital Extremes. He explained the game's physics as well as the ongoing storyline while giving a live preview demonstration. I was also able to get some hands-on time with this brand-spanking new game after the demo."

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Hopefully this one will be better then the first.

fromasterjay2679d ago

I liked the first one... It DID have it's flaws though, hopefully the second game improves on it.

SpaceSquirrel2679d ago

The first was was really good. The second should be much better

Venomousfatman2679d ago

I never played the first Darkness game, but I might pick this one up. Just to check it out.

vgcgames2679d ago

things are looking up at 2k

SeNiLesBack2679d ago

Never played the first one. Interesting, the graphics have a Crackdown look to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.