Why Table Top Game Over Video Games At PAX East?

Being the geek that I am, I've played quite a few table top games in my life: Settlers of Catan, the occasional friendship ruining game of Illuminati; I've even given the traditional D&D a go a few times. But when it comes to PAX, I'm all about the video games. So I was curious: What makes someone travel thousands of miles to Boston just to sit down and play a board game? So I just had to hit to the floor and talk to some folks to find out what compels them and what kind of games they like to play. The resulting video is nothing short of amusing in and of itself.

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Sev2679d ago

The evil bully in me wanted to give these guys wedgies!

stormeagle62679d ago

Liking the Chrono Trigger music.

racerx24812678d ago

Beats waiting in line for an hour to play 15 minutes of Duke Nukem