Gameroni: Dragon Age II Review

Lewis Denby writes: "If Origins was the epic, the company’s tour-de-force of fantasy, then this sequel is the microcosm of all its lofty ideas. That’s true both of the game’s systems and the world contained within them. Rather than whisking you off on an enormous journey across a huge nation, Dragon Age II restricts you primarily to a small part of its world, and the story you experience is the only one available."

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ShinraE52680d ago

I don't get why there is mixed hate for this game.

The story may be more centralized, but the way it covers prejudice is sublime. The characters are much more fleshed out and engaging, having more personality than most of the original cast. The only area that was really lacking was the love interests. Outside of that, a great story.

The combat is leagues ahead of the original. Fast paced, higher tempo mayhem beat the older "tactical" mode (at least for console players)

Lastly, the ending is much more meaningful to me. Without spoiling, the end of origins could be very cliche happy sunshine ending without much effort. No matter WHAT you do in DA2, some get hurt, others are happy, etc. The "grey" tone in comparison to the black or white origins felt more real to me.

This was a near perfect 60 dollars spent. Just fix the achievement/trophies for the DLC bioware!

denero12680d ago

notice a trend all the good reviews are getting ignored -_-