Dragon Age II Dev Rates His Own Game On Metacritic, EA Bets Obama Voted For Himself Too

Kotaku - A glowing fan review for Dragon Age II on Metacritic discovered to have been written by a member of the game's development team sparked outrage among the gaming community yesterday. EA's response? That's how it works.

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-Mezzo-2651d ago

Agreed, only if that was his Honest opinion of Dragon Age 2.

Biggest2650d ago

How is comparing a vote to a review a good point? If the president were to write a review about himself I would understand the link. EA can't defend this one. Fan reviews aren't worth much, but people shouldn't be so unethical. Some consumers use reviews and shouldn't have to deal with corporate shills and their biased views.

ATiElite2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Why wouldn't President Obama vote for himself?

Isw that it was kotaku so i didn't bother to read the article (Kotaku has a bad track record).

The election was a Blow-out anyway! 338 to 220 (1984 Reagan 525 vs. Mondale 13 was a Pro all-Star squad vs. the Tuesday night senior citizen rec league)

Bereaver2650d ago

Well..... I don't want to agree with someone that already has so many disagree's. But Biggest is kind of right.

Voting for yourself is not like reviewing something you made.

I mean.... lol Sure, he could honestly feel that way about it. But that's why they should be restricted from reviewing it because we'll never know if it's the real deal or not.

Imagine every company making every employee rate/review it now.


callahan092650d ago

"Voting for yourself is not like reviewing something you made."

I dunno. Voting for yourself in an election is like saying "I believe I'm worthy of this vote, this position, and I am the right person for this job."

Giving a good review to something you made is kind of the same thing, like saying "I believe my work is worthy of this score". It's not like user reviews are meaningful. I mean, whenever I write a review for a game on, it allows you to vote whether it's helpful on your own review, and I always click "Yes" it was helpful on my own review. Why not? I see no harm in that. It's just showing you believe in your own work or abilities in any of these cases.

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MAiKU2650d ago

Does anyone else feel that this article has the looks of some kind of odd make-out session between some right wing nut and a gamer?

KillKotick2650d ago

'right wing nut' is redundant. In this day in age, it's pretty well much assumed until otherwise proven.

palaeomerus2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

'Right wing = nut' is only assumed by those arrogant left wing nuts who'd much rather demonize and dismiss people they disagree with than have real meaningful arguments with them.

Just about everybody else keeps a slightly more open mind, probably because they still can.

Of course left wing nuts are often insisting that they aren't nuts and sometimes even that they aren't really left wing if that happens to not playing well to a particular room. Right wing nuts play the same sort of games.

One can obviously be right or left wing, or even disinterested without being a nut but sadly many people on both sides (and some on neither side) get so upset about things that they start to lose all perspective and assume that they must always be right and that everyone else must be crazy.

This generally leads to all sorts of ranting, being constantly outraged about dumb things, and lots of simplistic, xenophobic, snarky, cheap, paranoid, self righteous, hysterical sounding, childish bullshit passed off as serious thoughts about politics.

That's when the people identifying the nuts by party start sounding like they might be a little nuts themselves.

If anyone disagrees with any of the bullshit they instantly get pegged as a nut or someone duped by a nut. That way the REAL nut can live in a magical bubble and feel special and never have to deal with what an insufferably boring ass they've become.

Biggest2650d ago

"'Right wing = nut' is only assumed by those arrogant left wing nuts who'd much rather demonize and dismiss people they disagree with than have real meaningful arguments with them."

Not true. Have you watched the past few weeks of "debate" concerning the teacher's union in Wisconsin? A certain group of people would have you believe that teachers make far too much money and since our tax dollars pay most of their salaries, we should dismantle their union and lower their pay. Those same people would have you believe that people making $200,000 a year (which is more than 4x an average teacher's salary) should have huge tax breaks because they're still poor. Those same people also feel that the Wall Street employees and bankers (that were a MAJOR factor in tanking the world's economy) are worthy of huge bonuses and high salaries (even those we, the tax payers, were forced to pay their salaries by way of the bail out monies) and should always make those amounts of money to continue to attract top "talent" to the field. You know. . . The same top talent that tanked the economy. The people that are saying those things ARE right wing nutts. You can't have a meaningful argument with people that can't see reality even as they contradict it on record for the world to see. Left wing nutts aren't known to be as big a deal because they don't have as loud and consistently crazy message.

Agent VX2650d ago

I can't get the article to load... oh well, anytime I can diss that sack of turd obama, I will....

DA2 sold its soul like pimple puss obama, it's all rigged folks. Get with the times....

Persistantthug2650d ago

Then why'd they try and stealth remove the review?

snipeatt2650d ago

At least we have the possibility to vote for our goverment... If that was possible in gaming-world, I am definetly sure EA wouldn't become president... Or something is REALLY wrong with the world... Reviewing yourself in this extremely obvious unobjective manner is almost an insult to the intelligence of the people. dictators tend to behave in the same manner. often also for monetary gain. usually it doesn't end very well with them though...

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KillKotick2650d ago

It's a user review. If you're using MetaCRITIC for user reviews, you're doing it wrong.

It's not even an issue of business ethics. If they were paying someone to edit their wikipedia entries, yeah, that would be an issue. Yet they're not doing that. Stop treating them like they're Microsoft.

Drazz2650d ago

That picture of obama is unamerican!

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