A False Sense of Entitlement - Stealing From the Industry Because You Don't Want to Hand Over Cash.

GP Blogger Khorne writes, "Video games are a business so developers, publishers and retailers lose money when people find ways to obtain games without paying for them. It's not like people are just standing aside and letting people illegally download games though and many ways of combating piracy have arisen but unfortunately many of these "solutions" have managed to annoy consumers to the point where they don't a game, which can cost developers just as much as piracy. Some developers have got it right (like letting Valve deal with all that DRM nonsense by putting your game on Steam) and a lot of people still buy games and help the industry grow. It is still sad to see developers slave over a game and then publishers spend money on marketing it and then retailers spending money on getting copies of the game just so people can go online and download it illegally and basically pull a big middle finger to everyone involved in making and then selling a game."

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