EA Sports talks NCAA Football 12 graphic updates in video blog

XMNR: EA Sports has released a video blog for NCAA Football 12 to talk about some of the new updates to the graphics engines that are coming with this year's edition of the PS3 and Xbox 360 game. Plus, we've got some screenshots that show off the changes as well.

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waltyftm2680d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Looks good, Why is it called Football when all they do is run about with it in their hands.

Queasy2679d ago


Seriously, that's about the best answer there is unless you want to go look up the history of how American football evolved from European football (soccer).

waltyftm2679d ago

LOL, Hate the word Soccer, Sounds so American.

jony_dols2679d ago

The real question that EA should be answering is where the hell is our current-gen Rugby Union game.

It's World Cup year and there still is no announcement....
Its the fourth most popular sport on the planet (ahead of field hockey, ice hockey, volleyball and american football) and the previous games in the series have sold extremely well.

How many Maddens, Fifas, NCAA and NHL games have EA released since Rugby 08?

Cock4Gamers2679d ago

Actually, American football didn't evolve from European football at all. Americans loved rugby but wanted to differentiate themselves from the British so they came up with an alternate rules version of rugby which eventually evolved into the football we in America know and love today.

starcb262679d ago

Didn't the british invent the word "soccer"?