10 Gaming Incidents that caused us to ROFL

GB: "Games make us do the strangest things from time to time. Some make us mad, some make us cry, some make us smile and some even make us laugh. Several games in particular sprang to mind as serving up the rofl-burger more than others, so here's a list of ten games that really made our sides split, whether it was intentionally or by accident."

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cyborg2628d ago

after reading through a few of these alright.

2628d ago
DualConsoleOwner2627d ago

Gears compared to Uncharted 2??

haaha yea that is ROFL material.

And also, if PS3 and 360 were equally powerful, what explains ps3 exclusive looking miles better than anything on 360??

Objective2627d ago

Ridiculousness of 2 comments above me made me ROFL!!

darthv722627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I cant explain how or why but the 360 and ps3 are more similar in power than any other console generation before it. Chances are they wont be the next time around.

We arent talking 2600 vs genesis here. I can only assume the reason why 360 games do not surpass the ps3 is the way they designed the system to be 3rd party friendly.

In fact, that is most likely the whole reason the 360 was made the way it is. To pull in the most 3rd party support of any other console. Sony needs it's 1st and 2nd party devs to really show how it can be done. Lets face it. The original PS1 didnt have the 1st/2nd party support like the ps2 and ps3 has. That is because those relationships had to be built first from 3rd party arrangements.

MS has studied sony and the success of the ps brand and can you fault them for trying to imitate one of the best in the business. They didnt really have enough time to establish the xbox brand last gen. This time it is being reflected in popular culture much the same way the PS2 was last gen. You make a name for yourself and you will get the support you need.

Nintendo is the same way. Their games made by their own 1st and 2nd party teams surpass the majority of all their 3rd party games in graphical as well as gameplay quality. But...shouldnt that be the way it was meant to be?

If you are a real gamer then exclusives are the furthest from your mind because you enjoy what gaming means as a whole. Or at least...that is how it was in my day.

paintsville2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

The picture on this article posting says it all. I mean, look at this guy he's thinking, "This is the best we could come up with? We're screwed."

Solid_Snake-2627d ago

rofl rofl rofl rofl.

all ps3 fanboys will love this.

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Solid_Snake-2627d ago

giant enemy crab has to be my fave.

iforgotmylogin2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )



gameseveryday2628d ago

When I played this part when I was about 18-ish, it said turn of your Xbox console! (I was playing Substance.) I was like "No! It's my game why should I!" and I still laugh when I hear the codecs!

user94220772628d ago

lol @ MGS2 one. What a great game.

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