Prey 2 Drops You In the Shoes of a Human Bounty Hunter

Kotaku: "In Prey 2, a source close to the game tells Kotaku, players will take on the role of a federal air marshal who is aboard the commercial airliner seen crashing in the spaceship early on in the original game. Prey 2 takes place during the same time frame as the original, but with this different perspective, we're told."

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Thrillhouse2651d ago

Sucks that we may not be playing as Tommy D:


Tommy may possibly be on the alien world. After the credits in the original, Elhuit approaches him and says "others" (not those on Earth) saw the great things he did on the Sphere, and want to meet him. He steps through a portal and BAM, "Prey will contine . . ."

karl2651d ago

im sure that was not the last of him

we will probably see him again.. not playable though

Rhezin2651d ago

yeah i liked playing as Tommy, he was awesome!

Cajun Chicken2651d ago

Hey, my theory was right! It is the same plane from the first game!

Nolando2651d ago

I never got to finish prey 1 (i think i was at the final boss) but the disc i got from blockbuster was scratched to i could never finish it, good game though, one of my first next gen experiences. :P

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