Large Mandatory Install For Crysis 2 Players On PS3

When it comes to the PlayStation 3 is seems all big titles come with a big mandatory install and Crysis 2 is no different.

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pangitkqb2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Not the end of the world, but I still dislike installs. If Killzone 3 and Uncharted 2 can look and run so well without an install I would think other games could try and match them.

Loading behind cut-scenes is an acceptable practice. So is temporarily caching data to draw upon during gameplay.

Istanbull2352d ago

Uncharted 2, the Game of the past Decade doesn't even have loadingscreens between cutscenes and gameplay!

dragonelite2352d ago


If you was a bit more interested in uncharted 2 you would know that the cutscenes are there to hide the loading screen.

Active Reload2352d ago

Uncharted 2 has a 5 minute loading right before you start playing.

Christopher2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

***Uncharted 2 has a 5 minute loading right before you start playing.***

You need a new stopwatch.

Edit: Have the people who have played Uncharted 2 actually played the game? There's some load times, but nothing even near the ballpark of 5 minutes.

Masterchef20072352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Obviously that user is trolling. So the best thing to do is to report him and move on.

And as a responce to your question. The load times for Uncharted are fairly quick so i dont see why people are desperate enough to attack it based on its load times.

nycredude2352d ago


That is funny I thought the cutscenes are there to you know tell the story. They just made it so the loading took place during those times. Do you really think that the loading was there and they created the cutscenes to mask them? LOL Maybe you should chill with the hate a bit.

baodeus2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )


Well they put in cutscene to fill up the space on the blueray. I mean they might as well make use of it. The gameplay portions are usually small anyways. Example KZ3 (40 something gig, mostly cutscenes with around 12 gig worth of gameplay?) Don't remember the exact number.

It is a better idea to load games during cutscene, but it this also the reason why PS3 games have so many cutscene (KZ, UC, etc....). Either that or watch Snake smoke the cigarret for 10 mins at the end of each chapter (not to include cutscenes throughout the game as well).

I don't think most games has that many cutscene so install would be the way to go. Plus i don't think DVD has space for CGI cutscene either.

inveni02352d ago

Mandatory installs are examples of the dev not using the PS3 to its optimum efficiency. That goes for both exclusives and multiplats. For some games, an install makes sense (LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers, etc.), but for FPS and such...I just don't get it.

egidem2352d ago

For the last time, Uncharted 2 ONLY has 2 loading segments, each a couple of seconds long. The first one is when you boot the game, the sony and naughty dog stuff appears, then there is a small loading time for the main menu screen. There is another slightly longer loading time FROM the main menu screen TO the gameplay. From here on, the loading times ARE LESS THAN 3 SECONDS.

Go ahead, try it! As soon as ANY cutscene starts, hit start and skip movie, it will immediately jump to the next gameplay!

Bear_Grylls2352d ago

Like OMG!!!!

This is so unacceptable I am going to return my PS3 and trade it in for a new Kinect 360.


Who cares?

HeroComplex2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Usually we see large installs on the PS3 when a multiplat developer ports over a game from 360 or PC, and most of these games have issues on the PS3.

They might be doing this because I remember them saying that they developed the CryEngine 3 so that developers can develop on the PC and have the code generated for the 360 and PS3 automatically.

This isn't a good sign. I'm skipping this and waiting for SOCOM.

CernaML2352d ago


WOW! You are like the FIRST person who knows what the hell they're talking about. Everyone keeps saying that the cutscenes in Uncharted 2 are there to mask loading times when the truth is that you can skip those cutscenes and IMMEDIATELY jump into the next level WITHOUT a second of loading.

Kurt Russell2352d ago

I found Uncharted had a larger initial load into the game, but beyond that I didn't think it really had any. If it did it hid it extremely well.

I'm currently playing and really enjoying Fallout Vegas... now that has some loading times!

paintsville2352d ago

Say it ain't so Batman! Holy "Mandatory" installs Batman. That's a big one. Luckily we can play it with better frame rate and superior anti aliasing and high res shadows on our 360 that doesn't even have a hard drive. Crytek is pushing the boundaries and I guess we can't realistically expect other consoles to run it as effortlessly as 360 (no install required).

pixelsword2352d ago

On the flipside, the demo/game is also in 3D. Crytek did something great for their first time on consoles.

Kleptic2352d ago

I always love these...

'it seems like all big PS3 games have a massive mandatory install'...

Killzone install...God of War install...Uncharted 1 and install...killzone install...

and every one of those games looks better than ANY other console games, save maybe uncharted 1...although it was easily the best in 2007 as far as console games go...

they even say 'its no were near as big as Gran Turismo 5'...which is GT5 has NO mandatory install...and gives 2 for 2gb, which helps with loading times...and one for 8gb, which goes a little farther in helping loading times, but pre-installs hours of 1080p GT TV content so that you don't need to download it...never really understood that, as it appears that some of the GTTV stuff is loaded on the blu ray...why you can't just stream it off that I don't know...

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Christopher2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

***PlayStation 3 is seems all big titles come with a big mandatory install***

I don't mind reporting on there being a mandatory install, but can we stop making it out to be that it's with every game of worth under the sun? I own over 100 PS3 games and the mass majority of of them don't require an install.

Hyperbole is a tool used way too much by the gaming press.

@disagrees already: Yes, Heaven forbid that people actually report the news in a honest manner rather than with verbiage intended to embitter certain users... *rolls eyes*

easto1a2352d ago

most of this main stream titles do thou :( gt5 me ac gta etc

Anon19742352d ago

What I don't understand is why's it a big deal? Installs are just one more tool a developer has to use to make the best game they can. I'd rather they need to install and have the option then need to install and have to dumb down their game because of it.

And I was a PC gamer long before a console gamer. Newsflash - PC games need installs. PC gamers never complained about installs, but the PS3 has a hard drive and uses it for installs and this is suddenly an issue? Suck it up.

Objective2352d ago

So where's the advantage of bluray storage space? Just install everything into hdd, no need for disc storage.

Christopher2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

***So where's the advantage of bluray storage space?***

The proper utilization of it isn't due to the Blu-ray disc but to the fact that people still design games around PC architecture. Even if the PS3 is primary, they will design with the goal of utilizing the variable speed of the DVD drive on the 360 over the constant speed of the PS3.

I'm kind of on the fence with this.

The developer in me says that it's too much of a focus on money that they maintain a process that doesn't take into account the strengths of both systems during the development of games since in doing so would require key development for the PS3. We already know that they are designing with the PC in mind, so it sometimes happens that the 360 version has a few slight bells and whistles enabled to improve performance and visual elements to show off its strength, yet the same care is rarely taken with the PS3. Though, these instances rarely tend to be mold breaking games.

But, I completely understand it from a business perspective that many have the goal of providing an experience that is identical on both systems. It's an honorable design goal when you look at your customer based as a single entity rather than one broken up by console choice. It's also a way of showing support for both consoles rather than for one over the other.

I think it fairly obvious that some companies fall into the latter group (2K w/Bioshock 1 and 2) and some fall into the former group (Rockstar North/San Diego w/Red Dead Redemption). So, I respect those who fall into the latter, but will continue to criticize those who fall into the former and seem to only have the goal to expand their consumer base without truly attempting to provide even experiences across both consoles.

I would also say that many third-party developers rarely utilize the space of the Blu-ray not because they can't, but because they design with the goal of matching their DVD counterparts. Blu-ray happens to be one of the strengths of the PS3 that gets cut back in order to maintain an equality on the lowest common denominators between the two systems.

Kleptic2352d ago

I promise every one of you that GT5 does not have ANY mandatory install...why that was used in this article, and in easto1a's idea...but its not true...

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waltyftm2352d ago

Thats what my girlfriend said on our first night together, On topic its rather large but wont troube us PS3 hardcore.

DelbertGrady2352d ago

You guys are ok with anything it seems. :)

Persistantthug2352d ago

Not when every PS3 has a Harddrive.

duplissi2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )


meh... i install every 360 game i play to hdd so having to do it every now and then for the ps3 is no issue for me...

mastiffchild2352d ago

Exactly, I had enough games wrecked by my first two 360's to teach mre that installing whatever I could to HDD was the way to go to reduce the chances of overworking(and scratching)future discs while getting the benefit of the install to performance so why would the occasional install on PS3 bother me? That's without going into the fact I installed tons on PC for YEARS and still do now. This is an old dig and a pointless one. We all know the game COULD have been done without an install but with three versions to worry over and two console versions to get to parity(rather than as good as possible on ether platform) things like this are always likely. End of the day, however, it's NO issue at all.

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metsgaming2352d ago

after downloading gt5's install, 4 gbs is nothing.

stevenhiggster2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Really though, what is the big deal, all PC games have a friggin mandatory install and you won't hear anyone marking that down as a flaw! Face it, the only reason why the xbox version doesn't have a mandatory install is because some of you plebs don't even have a hard drive lol

guigsy2352d ago

It's a flaw considering you can buy the same game on a different console which looks and runs exactly the same without needing to install it. Yes you have to install PC games, but they always perform better visually compared to the console versions.