Starhawk May be Announced Very Soon

With so many PS3 exclusives releasing in 2011 the news of another potential exclusive for the platform will certainly be welcomed by the console’s owners; an official announcement of Starhawk may be announced very soon.

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Dante1122591d ago

I hope so. Warhawk was pretty dang fun.

Iroquois_Pliskin2591d ago

Yeaaaaaah! Warhawk was so damn fun!

WhittO2591d ago

Warhawk still is fun haha, went online the other day and there are still loads of servers full with people.

It is one of the best online games i've played on ps3, just with some enhancements would have been even better.

Warhawk got alot of support too, with alot of updates bringing loads of new features - like in-game Music etc, so I'll gladly buy their next game, since they wont drop support after a couple of months and focus on the next release lol.

WhittO2591d ago

Also, I think this is true, since Dylan Jobe wrote on his twitter "The Calm before the Storm" randomly, thinking an announcement in the next couple of weeks.

malamdra2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

they said that before, it's probably not going to happen until E3, which is not that far now

Linkinito2591d ago

Going to be announced @ E3.

LOGICWINS2591d ago

Mortal Kombat and Starhawk. All the multiplayer I need this year :D

Kleptic2591d ago

no twisted metal? Jaffe worked with Incognito a lot, which included Jobe at the time. Both are crazy good guys when it comes to making fun games...Starhawk and Twisted Metal this year would be perfect for me...

gameseveryday2591d ago

cant wait, its been 4 long years. Announce it already.

TheTruth892591d ago

Another triple A game for the uberpowerstation 3? HELL YEAH

mrv3212591d ago

Warhawk=One of the best last-gen multiplayer games ever made.

By last gen I mean in it's mechanics, I'm kinda sick and tired of unlocking stuff and making classes... I like the last-gen stuff in which you'd click Join game, you'd appear and start shooting, you'd stop shooting when you die.


Resistance Fall of Man

Kleptic2591d ago

i'm all over the place with that...after hundreds of hours of Warhawk (of which nearly 80% of never counted with its broken stat tracking for the first several months haha), I was very much ready to have a class based multiplayer again...I was getting really tired of searching pick ups...

and now i'm ready to go back to it for a while again...

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The story is too old to be commented.