Xbox 720, PS4 will mark the last console cycle - Jaffe

CVG: Eat Sleep Play founder David Jaffe anticipates there'll be one more traditional home console generation before other platforms take over the market.

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Titanz2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

The Xbox 720 and PS4, could possibly end up being cloud-based systems.

JsonHenry2683d ago

Yep, it will all go cloud/PC soon.

HappyGaming2682d ago

Or maybe powerful PCs will be so basic in 10 years time that eveyone will have one just like the majority of people in some countries have HD TVs.

RankFTW2683d ago

As long as consoles are available I'll keep buying them.

malamdra2683d ago

he's probably right but that's in like 15 years from now at least

ABizzel12683d ago

There will be consoles as long as there is money to be made. But with the addition of game services like Onlive, that other one, and PlayStation Suites you really don't need a dedicated gaming device to play games on.

My prediction will be that they will focus more on becoming better media hubs than they already are aka a PC without being call that. You get your hub, rent movies, play the latest games, record TV, play music, upload pictures, surf the web, etc...

Cenobia2683d ago

No. Cloud based systems are not ready for mass market. I can't even get broadband where I live. Speeds aren't fast enough in a lot of other placed.

Cloud based gaming systems will become available after a global broadband system has been established. I would not be surprised if that took 20 years.

Wikkid6662683d ago

There will be broadband just about everywhere in the US in about 10 years.

Masterchef20072683d ago

I didnt know US was another name for EARTH. Face it the US might have a big market but it isnt the only one in this world.

silvacrest2683d ago

why are you limiting yourself to just the USA? i know you probably live there but the rest of the world needs to have just as good internet before the cloud takes off

the USA/some asian countries alone is not enough

jukins2683d ago

yea i think at the start of the next gen it will be a hybrid of regular box games as well as digital download and over time more and more ppl will buy online but by no means can i see retail games totally disappearing anytime soon. because even now just playing online you can just tell some ppl just have crappy net so cloud/digital download may not always be an option as well as sparatic internet outages. sony nintendo or microsoft wont ever want to cut any of the customers off by offering games via the internet only

bumnut2683d ago

Its been a hybrid of boxed games and digital download for while.

jukins2683d ago

well i understand that but im talking more "core" games becoming a focus DD or cloud. man gotta be so damn specific with you ppl. lurkers just waiting for an opportunity to seem like a know it all be right.

Thecraft19892683d ago

Are you joking ? The country's known for the biggest sales of games have not got the internet to support such a thing. Maybe in 10 years when everyone can have fiber connections running at say 50meg so your not slowing down everyone in the house it might be ready.

The only service so far is on live and that step backwards for PC gamers limited to 720p and average amount people would have to have settings at low-medium.

Maddens Raiders2683d ago

When there's no more consoles to buy and no more physical media to own... then I'll be on the sidelines, enjoying what I own now and a PS4.

Apone2682d ago

As long it's comfortably on the TV in the living room (and bedroom), and not behind a PC, it's fine by me.

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-Mezzo-2683d ago

But what will come after that. it's a well known fact that "tech" can never stop moving forward.

silvacrest2683d ago

if the cloud ever does take off and is actually viable and a success, dont expect anything to take its place for about 20, im basing this on how long console have been around

Ares842683d ago

I think he is wrong. There will always be some type of a console you can play games on.

Bounkass2683d ago

720, lol. I guess it will still have a MAXIMUM resolution of 720p hahaha.

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