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PC Gamer - Though the multiplayer maps vary in size, I found that the smaller maps provided Homefront’s fiercest firefights, especially once drones come into play. My favorite map is set in a suburban cul-de-sac, where I found refuge from the rain of rocket drone fire and assault choppers by sprinting into garages and ducking behind cars. Those nooks are also great places to deploy my own drones while remaining hidden.

I found myself really enjoying Homefront’s multiplayer for its polished mechanics and chaos on the battlefield. It’s too bad that same ferocity don’t manifest in the single-player campaign.

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zeeshan8102651d ago

"console even more affordable in the future" yea when PS4 is out! Remember PS2 price - $100 when PS3 came out.

samoon2651d ago

$199 would equate to the end of the world.

2012 Here We Come :)

zeeshan8102651d ago

They changed the article.lmfao

Agent-862651d ago

Got a laugh out of the caption added to the Golden Gate Bridge battle: "This is why I never drive to Oakland." The GG Bridge goes to Marin County, not Oakland. That would be the Bay Bridge. Wow, you'd think a PC gaming site would know a little more about the Bay Area considering Silicon Valley is located there.

-Mezzo-2651d ago

Agreed, i was ready to Pre-Order this one, but lucky for me that i didn't, the early reviews really had me convinced that HomeFront is something i must buy.

zeeshan8102651d ago

They changed the article.

-Mezzo-2651d ago

:D, i had to, the original story that you previously commented on was a Duplicate.