WoW 'Feels Like a Shopping List,' says EA

Electronic Arts is not only gunning for the shooter category, but the publisher is also taking on its closest rival in the MMO space. EA CEO John Riccitiello has already made it quite clear that he believes BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO will take a "big chunk" away from World of Warcraft. Now EA Games boss Frank Gibeau explained to IndustryGamers why Old Republic can successfully challenge WoW's dominance.

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Jaws0072534d ago

yeah EA, and so does Dragon Age 2.

CaptainGreece2534d ago

Dead Space and Dead Space 2 are hot just saying.

TreMillz2534d ago

wow is popular EA knows that, but anyways off topic PS store updated folks, on topic, lets see how old republic does

Raendom2534d ago

I hope so. TOR looks incredible, a universe I truly wouldn't mind spending hundreds of hours in.

hellzsupernova2534d ago

im sick of EA talking shit like this. you tried with bad company 2 and MOH to dethrone CoD you didnt and wont with htis year lineup. and i honestly dont think TOR will beat WoW. i hope it does because im going to try it out but i have serious doubts that it will-

VenomProject2534d ago

"im sick of EA talking shit like this. you tried with bad company 2 and MOH to dethrone CoD you didnt and wont with htis year lineup."

HA! Sorry, but...Battlefield 3.

That is all.

hellzsupernova2534d ago

ok i agree it will be the better game but CoD will destroy it in sales. i wish it was the opposite but it will happen

2534d ago
VenomProject2534d ago


"this is the same as all those previous comments from BF2."

MW wasn't around when BF2 released. Are you talking about BAD COMPANY 2? If so, I find it very hard to believe you actually know what you're talking about.

BF2 was a revolutionary game on the PC. All-out vehicular combat, massive maps, a squad system, an in-depth rank-up page.

BF3 is going to annihilate CoD this year - quality-wise at least. I don't give a damn about sales because Wii Sports was once the best selling game of all time.

Paladz2534d ago

If you continue to praise shit games like Black Ops on pages like N4G, then yes - their sales will probably be better.

If you do what you should do, and say shit about Call of Duty in every single thread you find, they get the sales they deserve.

hellzsupernova2534d ago

its not "gamers" that are buying CoD though its the casual fps fan who buy it. every gamer knows ot stay away if we want the industry to move forward

MRHARDON2534d ago

No offence EA but why do you love attacking Activisons games? I hate Activison but every week you are slamming another game of theres?

WOW is one of the most played MMOs in the world, you cant beat that EA....attacking them isnt going to change it either.

COD is one of the most generic shooters out there, but its fun...thats why people buy it every year? Attacking COD is not going to change will always the 1# FPS franchies every year till people (like me) realize COD is generic.

StbI9902534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

When a MMO comes out on a portable system, then I will give a sht, meanwhile, all MMO feel like shopping list EA, but staying abay on a seat while your @ss rot away on hemroids lol.

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