Black Ops Enjoys Better Attach Rate on PS3

But ultimately sells more copies on the Xbox 360. Go figure.

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GodofSackboy2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )


Yes...I think it conveyed my feelings accurately

Sev2566d ago

Haha. You wasted your one bubble with that?

Dante1122566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

"In an in-depth analysis of attach rates over at Gamasutra, some light is shed on the current state of software sales for each console -- and they're neck and neck."

Interesting, I would've thought the Xbox360 would have the higher attach rate since most say that's the shooter console. Anyone know a legit site to get Black Ops console sales from?

thor2566d ago

Attach rate is meaningless when it counts consoles that were sold 5 years ago.

Those consoles have broken, been replaced, or been forgotten about.

redDevil872566d ago

Yeah but remember how much BO was pirated on the 360. That obviously affects affects how many people buy the game.

Soldierone2566d ago

Im as anti pirates as anybody....but really? MS had a ban hammer ready, spent millions of dollars marketing the game as part of Xbox, and yet PS3 is doing fine....who would of thought.

samurailincoln2566d ago

Awww. Just end all the fussin' and a fuedin'

Lifewish2566d ago

classic picture for the article

BigPete79782566d ago

Haha, couldn't agree more, the image definitely made me lol.

antz11042566d ago

"I'ma Warlock F18 and I'm gonna drop my ordinance on you after.....what was I saying?"

Oh Charlie, crazy tube socks and all.

Awesome pic.

JonnyBigBoss2566d ago

We make it count on the Trey!

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