EA retracts forum user ban

Electronic Arts has retracted the Bioware Social Network ban on a user who questioned if Bioware had 'sold their souls to the EA devil'.

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gamingdroid2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

"EA continues to stand by the forum ban itself however, which lasted 72 hours and was issued on account of 'inappropriate language', according to RPS. "

I think 'inappropriate language' is not the correct term, the correct term is 'criticizing language' i.e. the guy voiced his dissatisfaction with the company.

I'm disappointed in EA as more and more they are becoming the wolf in the sheep skin. Billed as a huge change since EA Wife incident, but reality is that EA has done far more damage to the consumers via censoring their customers and introducing EA Online Pass limiting your ability to play games. Ironically, EA are also going around reviewing their own games.

EA are far more insidious than anything Activision has done. Vote with your wallet and avoid EA!

bwazy2653d ago

Man, whatever happened to freedom of speech and all that jazz. :(

If I ever posted on a forum asking an honest, legit and most likely true question I'd hope they would answer it, not ban me.

Paladz2653d ago

Asking if they sold their soul to the "EA Devil" isn't really an "honest, legit and mostlikely true question".

Chubear2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Freedom of speech my butt.

Want to see why I got perma banned from Gametrailer forums years ago? Well here what I posted on the PS3 forums after the whole day it was flooded with anti-PS3 FUD (I'm sure we all remember how bad it got on any PS3 forum anywhere)

*"Seems this viral marketing shit headed by MS has caught on in some regard cause there's a general misconception that the PS3 isn't selling well.

Well, if the PS3 isn't selling well after the biggest Viral marketing this industry has ever seen, at a higher price point than it's competitor then that must mean the 360 is dead in the water, why?

Because the PS3 actually outsold the 360 from Jan 08 to Nov. 08 WW. Don't fall for the FUD, the PS3 is kicking serious ass and will continue to do so in 2009.

Use your brain, one company is losing it's MAJOR developers like water and another is not only holding on to it's developers (which it has the most of any console manufacturer) but has added to their list of studios this gen too. Now you tell me, which you think is in trouble, the one that's layign off it's crew or the one that's adding to it's crew?"*

palaeomerus2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Okay. Thanks for that stupid senseless reply. Way to use your last bubble to whine about console war.

denero12653d ago

they could have said no we have a good relationship with ea and wish you to not disrespect a company we work with -_-

but noooooooooooo they banned the user

gamingdroid2653d ago

Which made me disrespect you, Bioware, for censoring your customers opinion!