New Camaro SS in Gran Turismo 5 via Schick Promo

A new Chevrolet Camaro SS “Edge Special” is available in Gran Turismo 5, thanks to a promotion by Schick Razors. To download the car, stop by your local store and pick up one of Schick’s specially labeled products, then head over to this website and enter the code found in the packaging. You’ll be provided with another PSN code to enter in the PSN Store on your console.

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The_Quiet_Man2562d ago

Would've liked to get that Camaro SS. Unfortunately I've never heard of Schick Razors, I don't think there sold in my country. Nice opportunity though for anyone who can buy them.

I entered yesterday for the Gran Turismo Academy thing on the online Seasonal Events (time trial). I think I got somewhere like rank 5700 & something (obviously more, just can't remember). I got a free black Skyline GTR (GT logos on it, gift car). Well worth doing just to get the car, it's only open to certain EU countries though.

hellzsupernova2562d ago

wow really? here in NZ thers really only Schick and Gillet to chose from unless you and a budget 10 pack lol

BakedGoods2562d ago

This offer is only valid in the US anyone.

'Cause you know, the US is the only country to exist.

---stone---2562d ago

Awesome! My happy jolly dangly area could use a shave. Time to get rid of my winter excessive sasquatchian, disheveled crotch pasture by doing some trip up and shave work, making my happy jolly dangly area into looking like a new born baby ostrich with bitch tits.

Thank you Schick. Thank you GT5/PD. :)

Off to walmart and/or walgreens....Cheers.

stove6112562d ago

You don't need to go buy anything. The UPCs are all the same: 841058005209.

Bathyj2562d ago

To hell with Schick and Gillete. I'm a Fromm Man.

distorted_reality2562d ago

To hell with shaving, i'm a man.

banjadude2562d ago

Haha, that is pretty bad-ass.

akashkira542562d ago

yo im trying to regester and i cant see the submit button

stove6112562d ago

Try to open in a different browser. I had the same problem initially.

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