7.0 Homefront Review "With the first-person shooter genre becoming rather saturated, developers have adopted different ways to make their title stand out. Some focus on gameplay mechanics, while otherwise focus on content. Homefront though, decided that story was the way it could differentiate itself and as such, the campaign is as hard hitting as it probably could be."

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ShawnCollier2687d ago

This game sure has gotten some varying scores, that's for sure.

Hardedge2687d ago

4 hours is a bit short...Medal of Honor was about 4 hours and that just annoyed me, the ending was so anti-climactic. Sounds like this at least has an interesting multiplayer component to keep it going.

Selyah2687d ago

Very surprised at how short it is, or well not so much surprised more a bit disappointed.

JDouglasGU2687d ago

as am i, but if the story is really that strong it may still be wroth checking out.

mephman2687d ago

Same, I think it's terrible that developers believe we should just accept it.