Nvidia Launches GTX 550 and Drops Price on 3DVision – Now What’s Your Excuse!?

RipTen: Today, Nvidia has made it easier than ever to get into 3DPC gaming. With the launch of the GTX 550 and a serious price drop on their 3DVision, you’re seriously running out of excuses not to be a 3DPC gamer.

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distorted_reality2562d ago

I seriously doubt that the person who wrote the article is a PC gamer. He infers that a brand new graphics card will enable you to play games in 3D at high frame rates, neglecting to mention that the rest of your hardware comes into play as well, and that you need a 3D capable monitor.

Seems like a blatant fanboy written "paid for by nvidia" article to me.

CrzyFooL2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Yes, you definitely need more hardware to get high frames in 3d. But it says high frames 'and' in 3d. Not high frames 'in' 3d. The 550 will let you get high frames for sure but in 3d vision it will likely chug a bit on high end games especially DX11 titles. Def a fanboy article tho :-p

Edit: Actually, it's more of a press release with an opinion tied in. Still awesome price on the 550 and price drop on glasses however.

distorted_reality2562d ago


I'm all for articles that promote PC gaming - but not ones that are as full of shit as this one.

seraphcaeli2562d ago

I don't think it's full of shit. You can get good frames in all those games and you CAN play them in 3d. Yeah, you need more hardware but who doesn't know that? It's not like people are going to read the article and go omg I can play games with glasses and a gpu!? No Wai!! lulz

But the article is def a bit fanboyish. However, it's really not much more than a "Hey zomg price drop!" article anyway. Which I'm all for. However, amd needs to come out with more stuff so Nvidia prices go even lower. Also, all these new cards come out wayyy too fast.

bumnut2562d ago

I have a 570 and can game in 3d at 1920 x 1080 at good framerates, had to turn the detail down a little but it still looks great.

distorted_reality2562d ago

I meant the quality of your other hardware, not if in fact you actually have other hardware to begin with. I thought that was pretty clear.

And that's the problem - people who aren't overly techy will read an article like that and think they can run 3D at good frames with a simple GPU upgrade, when it really isn't that simple at all.

DeadlyFire2561d ago

Maybe some of us PC gamers don't give a damn about 3D gaming and just want our simple solutions. Why get into 3D Gaming and glasses when you can game without glasses and high priced 3D crap. Prices will drop and dip down enough in the future for us if we feel like jumping into 3D world of gaming we will do so. No need to push us. If we want it we get it.

KingNintendoFanboy2562d ago

I think I'll pass. 3D without glasses is cooler. :P

CrzyFooL2562d ago

Nintendo fanboy strikes again!!

KeiserSosay47882562d ago

I hit agree only because of how hilarious that comment is. That is awesome....suck on my nintenballs. There's a real hero...only a few guys

Invadersims2562d ago

Uh, I'm broke anyway. Could be 20 bucks and I still couldn't afford it.


where did virtual reality go...?

citan2562d ago

Noise. That's my excuse. I haven't updated GPU since GT9800 as I can't stand those noisy fans.

BeastlyRig2562d ago

actually Amd cards have been louder lately!

BlackKnight2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

You do realize noisy fans are due to what ever PCB brand you chose right? Buy a GPU that has a larger fan than reference.

Bigger fans are quieter, they spin slower that small fans but still cool the same amount. Similar to a ceiling fan on low moving a shit load of air but making no noise.

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