Why It’s an Honor for Kratos to Appear in Mortal Kombat

PS Blog - Stig Asmussen // Game Director, God of War III:

Mortal Kombat had a HUGE influence on me growing up. I remember the first time I saw it in the arcade – I almost crapped myself! I was like, “Look what they did to that guy! I’m out of quarters! When well I be able to play this at home?”

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Iroquois_Pliskin2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Why all the Sub Zero hate from Netherealm Studios? most trailers (and the demo start) ive seen so far has Scorpion beating the crap out of Subie...

Soldierone2682d ago

Cus Scorpion is a badass, and makes Sub Zero look like a pussy. Together they are my favorite characters though.

rezzah2682d ago

People rather Scorpion over Sub-Zero, though I hate that fact. Even so they make him out o be better when he really is not.

Sub-Zero and Scorpion are on par with one another. It's why they never truly kill each other in the overall storyline. And if one does then they find a way to come back and they continue fighting.

Younger Sub-Zero killed Scorpion (father in son's body) and his family, then Scorpion came back and killed Sub-Zero. Then older brother of Sub-Zero becomes the new Sub-Zero for revenge.

Baka-akaB2682d ago

That's the thing , why would they root for a guy who's identity was changed twice already , when scorpion was always the same badass dude ?

Iroquois_Pliskin2682d ago

Sub-Zero was just a codename the younger Sub-Zero is actualy called Tundra, also a codename

FailOverHero2682d ago

You've got your story all twisted.
Older Subzero(now Noob) killed Scorpion and his family.
Scorpion comes back as a spectre and does away with Older Subzero who then becomes Noob
Younger Subzero (originally known as Tundra) takes his brother's codename Subzero and sets out for revenge.
Scorpion son in father's body?? What is that?
Anyway the subzero that we all know and love is in fact the YOUNGER brother.
*SPOILER* I can't believe they are gonna turn him into a cyborg and let Smoke escape this time around :(

rezzah2682d ago

The father being in the son's body thing for Scorpion is part of original MK novel I read. It is who Scorpion really is. However this game may follow a different story, the very background to some character's bios is in that novel.

In it also mentioned that Kung Lao isnt the real Kung Lao as the real one was killed by Goro in the very first Mortal Kombat ever held. The Kung Lao we all know today is the nephew (or someones who was related to him) of the original one.

madara0sama2681d ago

Yea it was the older brother now Noob Saibot that killed human Scorpion.

The Kung Lao now is the real one and so is the past one. The Kung Lao now and Lui Kang are descendants of the old Kung Lao who fought against Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat and saved Earth Realm but killed later by Goro.

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Blad3star2682d ago

I think Motal Kombat should be honored that Ktatos is making an apperance.

krazykombatant2681d ago

MK did just fine before Kratos. If it wasn't for gory games like Mortal Kombat. Kratos wouldn't even be around.

badz1492681d ago

I know that maybe you're a fan or MK or something but saying that Kratos is around because of MK just doesn't make any sense! plus, MK was not doing well for so long already! the previous game, MK VS DC was horrible!

TheOneWhoPwnsYou2682d ago

Not trying to be fan-boyish here, but Kratos will kick the crap out of most Mortal Kombat characters.. The only ones who have a small chance are Shang Tsung and Raiden

rezzah2682d ago

Dont forget Quan Chi and Shunnok (however u spell it).

AssassinHD2682d ago

Raiden is a god. Killing gods is basically a full time job for Kratos. It is just what he does. Also, I am not entirely sure that Kratos even has a soul for Shang Tsung to steal, what with his multiple escapes from the underworld and all.

TheOneWhoPwnsYou2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Good points. Kratos wins the Mortal Kombat. Why? He's not mortal. Well.. was but then became a god then became a mortal then a god killer. EITHER WAY.

DelbertGrady2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Baraka wins! Friendship! Friendship!? Toasty!!!

HellzAssassin2682d ago

Finally! Some Baraka love!
He's one of my top favorite characters! :D

Tony-Red-Grave2681d ago

thanks to baraka i beat noob in mk2

Spitfire_Riggz2682d ago

Kratos>Zeus>Raiden>Sh ang Tsung

madara0sama2681d ago

Your favorite character>Other characters

Spitfire_Riggz2681d ago

Kratos is not my favorite character. I would say Luigi from mario bros is. This is simple logic. I love pikachu too but it would get destroyed.

Kratos>Zeus>Raiden>R aichu>Pikachu

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xtremeimport2682d ago

Kratos is just so badass. like even his epic music that follows him everywhere makes me all excited.

so sweet. wondering if he will have any of his powers from any of the GOW games?

TheOneWhoPwnsYou2682d ago

He should. It'd be just right. Blade of Olympus anyone?

Thecraft19892682d ago

Deimos as DLC kratos vs deimos !

Megaton2682d ago

Mortal Kombat was an obsession of mine as a little kid. I still remember the first time I saw it in a 7-11. I was blown away.

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