Parasite Eve II Coming to North America

With Parasite Eve releasing in North America on the PlayStation Network this week, Square Enix revealed today that the second game will soon to follow.

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ShadyDevil2538d ago

Well well, Nice lead up to 3rd Birthday they have created for North America.

Tripl3seis2538d ago

Guys I've never played I noe epic fail on my part but can u guys give me some info about the story the characters just brief info u don't have 2 give the all thing and bubs to whoever gives me the info thanks in advance also :)

easto1a2538d ago

meh think ill give it a miss

Mystickay862538d ago

vaguely remember two. I had a blast with part 1. I may have to pick up two as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.