Joystiq: Homefront Review - First-Person Hooters

As you'll notice in both the single and multiplayer modes of Homefront, you practically never interact with people who aren't directly involved in the war. Everyone's already fighting, only a couple sit on the sidelines to remind you what, precisely, you're fighting to defend. Kaos hasn't brought the war game into a context people can relate to, they've just turned the country into a war game.

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Headquarters112683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )


jriquelme_paraguay2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

launch this game days after KZ3 an days before Crysis2.. is the major THQ failure

edit: and Bulletstorm

Headquarters112683d ago

Ehh, IDK I'm kind of burnt out on FPS' after KZ3. I can only play like a match or two then I get bored. I want S4 and Infamous 2.

There needs to be more co-op games! Like Dead rising 2 and Saints Row 2.

Dylantalon12683d ago

this game may have a few faults but it does deserve such a low score. the game is mediocre and should get a score that indicates that. this review score is coming from people who cant spell "joystick"

Bathyj2683d ago

Yeah, I find it hard to believe the game is THAT bad. 50% is a terrible score in anyones book. That should be for games that are unplayable, not simply games you couldnt get into or werent quite exciting enough for you.

Admittedly I didnt read the review as I'm not going to give Joystiq the hit, but I've read plenty of good things about Homefronts campaign and it seems solid if abit short, but hey, arent nearly all games now?

Probably another victim of the "You didnt make it feel like CoD enough" syndrome that plague gaming today.

RIP_Weazel2683d ago

Ah, I think that they've painted themselves into a corner (Along with a lot of websites).
After pulling Killzone 3 apart over ferociously pedantic faults, not applying the same criteria to other games would have earmarked sites out as being bias. Ho-hum for games with lower, more realistic scores. (50% is...ok.)

DEagle-izer2683d ago

WOW! This review and the person that reviewed the game,

Not that Im trying to defend this game to the extreme, but he totally missed the point and ignored the story of this game. It's a "What if" Scenario made to simulate what would be going on if an event like this were to happen. This game would have been a waste without a deep story, but all he could pay attention to was the in-game store labels thinking it was advertisements.

Joystiq never had good game reviews. They remind me of IGN.

nnotdead2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

this game is getting review scores from low to high. already had it pre-ordered so i could also get Metro 2033. $50 for 2 (hopefully) decent games isn't bad.

already played a bunch of 2033, and it been pretty good so far. not the best game, but it has been a fun play through so far.

Homefront seems to have a weak sp, which is a big letdown for me, but it looks to have a pretty good mp. i've been needing a new mp since MAG has become a laggy pos.

Aussiegamer2683d ago

2.5/5 hey?! Ahwell, its already pre ordered and its cheap so ill buy it anyway.

NaiNaiNai2683d ago

I think I will still get it. After all one of my favorite movies has a 1% rating on *or last I checked*
:P so really I could care less about reviewers anymore.

BTW the movie was "Battlefield earth"