DTG: Is Mario Milked?

Where is Mario’s competition? The portly plumber is in a league of his own and there is no game that he is competing with head-to-head for the top platforming spot. The only competition he gets is from within Nintendo itself in the form of Donkey Kong and Kirby. Why aren’t there any companies trying to put out a better platformer and take Mario’s crown?

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Trroy2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Yes, Mario is milked, but he's so iconic that it doesn't really hurt Nintendo -- as long as they keep the quality bar high.

People buy Mario because they know Mario is basically guaranteed to be high-quality gaming. Other platformers are arguably better in a lot of ways (well.. not many are), but not in the same *reliable* way.

People have come to just accept Mario's universe as-is. You would never see another game pulling off a plumber hero, saving the mushroom people in outer space, by rescuing stars from imprisonment by some turtle dragon who does bad stuff because he hopelessly loves a princess the plumber knows. That's cool if its Mario. If its another IP, people treat it wierd, like its Katamari Damacy.

alien6262624d ago

of course mario is milked tothe point it has no more milk....just like halo...

FinalSpartan2623d ago

you telling me there is any other platform games that can match the quality of Super Mario Galaxy 2? I thought no Mario just killed the entire competition.

Yes he is milked with all his spin off games, but you can't denie his core games slap up every other game there is.

Can mario single handedly own PS3 library? Yes
Can mario single handedly own Xbox 360 library? Yes

Shok2624d ago

His name and face is, but the Mario franchise that actually matters (the "Super Mario" series) is not. We get a main Mario game about every 5 years, although Galaxy 2 is an exception since they decided to use the same engine and concept.

GameTavern2623d ago

That's what I've always believed. Yeah he plays golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, parties, drives kart, but that's more Mario the character.

Nintendo never rushes out a proper Mario game, and those are never short of amazing.

limewax2623d ago

Except New Super Mario Bros Wii. That was pretty much the DS game on wii

GameTavern2623d ago

I don't agree with that notion at all really.

I mean let's put aside that Wii version is a better game. Has more creative levels, is larger, includes co-op play, returns the Koopa Kids, more power-ups.

It is a sequel much like Super Mario Bros 3 to the original. And really does add a lot that NSMB DS was missing.

lizard812882623d ago

yeah. Mario has quite the hobbies. normally we get 1 main mario game per gen. the wii breaks this though with 3 (main) mario games on it.

Titanz2624d ago

But not milked dry(Guitar hero,Call of Duty).

dredgewalker2624d ago

More like properly milked. I don't care if a franchise is milked as long as it's refreshing to drink! Mario Galaxy was great injection to the Mario franchise.

CaptainMarvelQ82624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

well i can't say for sure
he's short though,so i guess he isn't

theonlylolking2624d ago

He is milked so much I get bored with his games now except super mario galaxy 1

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