New villain spotted in new Batman: Arkham City trailer A few of our users while forensically watching the trailer have pointed out what seems to be Roman Sionis also known as Black Mask. The much rumoured character has been discussed in great detail ever since his name (Sionis) was found in the 2009 Arkham City reveal trailer. Stop the gameplay trailer at 0:27 to get the possible first glimpse of Roman Sionis!

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Deanways2565d ago

Gotta be Black Mask. Either that or Bruce has reverted to Mark 1 Dark Knight circa Batman Begins.

Agent_00_Revan2564d ago

They keep adding villians and there wont be any left for a possible 3rd game. seems like they plan on this being the last one.

cyborg69712564d ago

Really why can't all of the same villains come back for a third? Unless bats kills them (which won't happen) or they die trying to get away I see no reason they can't come back for another game.