Batman Arkham City new gameplay screens show action

New screens from the recently released gameplay trailer of Batman Arkham City.

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junk3d2623d ago

I loved the first one and I can't wait to see what Rocksteady has in store for us in the sequel. Theses guys really know how to work around the Unreal 3 engines limitations. Game looks great.

CobraKai2623d ago

I'm usually never impressed with UE3, but this guys make it sing. I can't wait!!

cyborg2623d ago

this is going to be the best superhero game ever and a big GOTY candidate for 2011. Mark them. yeah.

Kingdom Come2623d ago

Whilst I have no doubt it'll be a Masterpiece, Spiderman 2 disagree's with your statement. I am remaining sceptical, I believe this game will do for Superhero games what "The Dark Knight" did for superhero films, we just can't be certain from one 2 Minute video...

cyborg69712623d ago

Although I loved the web slinging the substance in spidey wasn't as prevalent as in AA. And Batman begins was better than the dark knight, with the exception of Ledgers performance.

Can't wait must buy first day.

smurfz2623d ago

Arkham asylum was the best game ever made. The story line, along with elements of combat and stealth were a perfect design. They have a lot to live up to.... from the looks of it, we wont be disappointed

Kingdom Come2623d ago

Best game ever made? I'm a strong believer of personal opinion and for that, I won't disagree with it being YOURS. But as an avid Comic-Book reader I found the story to be the only down-side, the releasing toxins and whatnot into Gotham is incredibly overused. But this title has HUGE potential storywise and the roster of characters leaves me giggling like a schoolgirl...

BIGTRIN2623d ago

This game looks kick-azz while i chew bubblegum status!

halocursed2623d ago

Just WOW! The game will probably raise the bar in terms of graphics.

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