Call of Juarez: The Cartel – A Western in the Modern World

Matt Randisi writes, "Impending comparisons between Techland and Ubisoft’s upcoming title Call of Juarez: The Cartel and Rockstar’s wildly successful game of the year caliber Red Dead Redemption will undoubtedly be plentiful, yet significant differences vie to prove that the only similarity will be the general concept of a wild west game. Regardless of differences in setting or gameplay however, it is undeniable that Red Dead Redemption has set a high standard for all upcoming games not only categorized as “westerns”, but any game laying claim to the action game classification as well. Which one of the aforementioned categories The Cartel will fall into more already seems to be under dispute, as fans of the series and wild west purists are already voicing their disapproval of Techland’s new direction with their upcoming installment. In defense of their decision to bring the series into modern times and label it as “a western in the modern world”, Blazej Krakowiak of Techland simply states “You should trust us…it will work out in the end.”

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