New PSN games perfect for wasted weekends

Sony has been hard at work (or hitting the bong hard) creating two new tripped out PlayStation Eye diversions that will soon be enlightening PlayStation Store with, like, a totally cosmic groove. Tori Emaki and the aptly named Mesmerize both utilise PS Eye in different ways, although both are focused on creating a very mellow experience that's sure to increase the peace in any household.

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mingeeta4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

so you can use your finger in tori imaki to move. who needs a wiimote??
And as for mesmerize well wow, total bongfest

marinelife94089d ago

I want to see some more screens of the puzzle game where you had to move the ball across the roof. Now they need to have a starwars lightsaber game or swordman game. They can color in the lightsaber light on the screen.

MephiSkA4089d ago

OOhh yeah This "game" looks Amaazing!! :) I love my eyetoy and will love that playstation eye even more! :)

MK_Red4089d ago

Mesmerize looks insanely SWEEET. I can't believe what I saw. That game is the future. Simply seriously amazing.

Mu5afir4089d ago

Wiifitness has some competition, that guy was flapping his hands like crazy.

nurayi4089d ago

haha great comment.

I think I even like the tori emaki game more than mesmerize. hopefully its a ton of areas to explore

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The story is too old to be commented.