Doodle Jump Coming To Xbox 360 & Kinect

Doodle Jump, one of the most popular and addictive Apple app store games, is heading to Kinect for the Xbox 360.

Lima Sky's often updated and imitated game requires players to simply bounce as high as possible, shooting at or avoiding enemies and traps and picking up power-ups to gain speed and height.

Although there are no details on how the game will control with Kinect, we can't imagine it requiring much more than leaning or stepping left and right and pointing to shoot.

We unveiled the possibility of Angry Birds heading to Xbox Live Arcade with Kinect support last month. Given that the iPhone has no buttons for gameplay, like Kinect, such ports make perfect sense. Could these be the first of many such ports from iPhone to XBLA? Let's hope so!

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gravemaker2504d ago

true hardcore gaming, only on kinect

Hands Up For Games2504d ago

It must be really cool to be as 'Hardcore' as you gravemaker.

Or gamers might want to play this for . . you ... know . . . Fun!!

Crazy thought but true!

FailOverHero2504d ago

Did YOU just call him a troll? #ohtheirony
Lol does hardcore gaming mean being on n4g 24/7 and not doing any actual gaming?

Kran2504d ago

That'll exhaust the sh*t out of me.

Christopher2503d ago

Never did get into the game on iPhone. Played it for about an hour total and deleted it from my iPhone.

I can see a ton of potential for this if it's more than the standard game I experienced on the iPhone and offered some extra gameplay elements and modes.