Top 10 Characters of Dynasty Warriors

Matt Randisi writes, "In honor of Koei’s long running cult favorite/guilty pleasure historically inspired franchise reaching its seventh major installment at the end of March, it seemed right to pay tribute to the most significant characters that have helped the series to this point. Judgment has been cast based not based on their game representations, but their impact in history as told in the Three Kingdoms novel. No worries if you are not familiar with the story however, the explanations given will hopefully make you see your favorite characters in a new light and gain a new appreciation. Though bits and pieces of each character’s story is revealed throughout gameplay, it is only ever a severely abridged telling."

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Andreas-Sword2658d ago

My Top 10 Dynasty Warriors character list:
- Gan Ning
- Lu Bu
- Zhao Yun
- Zhou Yu
- Wei Yan
- Ling Tong
- Zhen Ji
- Zhu Rong
- Sun Quan
- Guan Yu

Cade2657d ago

Zhou Yu is indeed inferior. I could do without his combat style with both weapons too. It is a shame Gan Ning did not play a more important role, as he is pretty awesome in the games.