What Gamers Can Do To Aid Japan

Steve Haske writes, "In the wake of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that struck off the eastern coast of Japan last Friday, the country is facing a rising death toll of over 2000 people, and thousands more missing or injured. Officials are estimating the actual number of dead in the country's northeastern region is far higher, with bodies continuing to be uncovered or washed up on shore in the wreckage of a resultant tsunami that has left millions without homes, power or food; meanwhile, the looming crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station is threatening to blow into a full-scale nuclear meltdown."

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Optical_Matrix2563d ago

I find it sad that this has no comments at stands at 10 degree's. Meanwhile people are all too quick to ignite sloppy fanboy 'journalist' slur and ignite it to 500 degree's.

Scissorman822563d ago

Would it be possible for me to buy you a beer good sir? That is probably the most intelligent thing I've read all day. =)