Final Yakuza 4 Launch Trailer

Sega's final launch trailer for Yakuza 4, which launches on 3/15/2011 in North America.

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InLaLaLand2533d ago

For the people that bash this game. Play the game as a gamer. The game feels like a good childhood game. Plus this is a great Sega title.

Johandevries2533d ago

Final Launch Trailer?

Have there been more Launch Trailers?

Redempteur2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

there was a hostess trailer ,a location trailer, a heroes trailers as well .

something like .: "those guys are so tough they don't even need umbreallas and that's saying something".

Baron792533d ago

I feel like I'm playing Shenmue a little when I play the Yakuza series and that's awesome. I do want this game, I just wish I didn't play the demo of Yakuza: Of The End yet because I want that game more now.

PsERSONA2533d ago

I still have a week before I can play my copy. \:

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