Homefront Review (GPT)

"Kaos Studios, the studio behind Frontlines: Fuel of War, is back with another shooter set in the near future where things just don’t seem to be going too well for Western civilization. In particular, it’s the United States that is all but screwed this time around. North Korea has become a super power by conquering everyone around them and setting their sights on the US. After a well planned EMP puts the US in chaos (not Kaos), we’re attacked and the US as we know it is fractured and falling apart while Kim Jong Un has his forces occupy the US and spread propaganda around to stop the rebellion."

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GunShotEddy2652d ago

I'm actually surprised considering a lot of people have been unfavorable. might actually check this out now.

vgn242652d ago

You should. I just started it this morning (before heading to work - yes I shouldn't be on here, ha). It's fun man. Not sure why other people are bashing it. I haven't read this review yet (don't want to till I finish playing), but the score seems right so far.