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Taken by itself, Homefront's campaign is just plain disappointing. A promising concept ultimately falls flat in the fast-paced, "I don't have time for reading" first-person shooter genre. Once you've accomplished all of the objectives in single-player, the game just "ends."

Daniel Bischoff ~ Game Revolution

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Lifewish2654d ago

good review.. i was eager to see how well this game did after all the advertising

doctorstrange2654d ago

I was hoping for a really standout plot and singleplayer, shame really

insertcoin2654d ago

I think the concept of the story has room to grow, as speculative as the fiction is, so I hope the next Homefront has a longer campaign and really fleshes out the paranoid fantasy.

samurailincoln2654d ago

Great review! I knew the single player campaign was doomed since all the hype leading up to it was about the multiplayer. Still, at least MP is fun as hell, but it bums me out that's all people seem to care about now and days. How many different ways can there be to kill someone in a military FPS before folks say, "enough"?

dbjj120882654d ago

We'll find out next time....

dbjj120882654d ago

How long before a sequel is announced?

Ducky2654d ago

Depends on how well it does financially.

soundslike2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

This IS a sequel, at least in every way possible except the story.

The MP in this game is meant to build upon what their previous game Frontlines: Fuel of War started.

Its a crying shame that the story was advertised as the main appeal of this game because really, its the MP, and always will be with these games. 32 players on console versus BC's 24, something they don't cite when referring to graphics. Gratuitous use of choppers and vehicles. Fun. Can't wait to get it.

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