GameInformer: Homefront Review

With its interesting premise, evocative opening sequence, and clever variation on multiplayer, Homefront has a strong foundation. It’s a shame that technical limitations and a derivative single-player campaign keep the game from realizing its potential.

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TeaDouble_E2683d ago

The score says allot coming from game informer

shooterexpert2683d ago

Says THQ is not one of game informers biggest advertisers thats what it says.

sp1deynut2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

So you agree that COD:BO is a 9/10?

GI is really no better than IGN when it comes to their reviews....they always give higher scores to "popular" franchises over new / lesser IPs.

I just finished the Homefront campaign a couple hours ago (about 7 hrs on Normal), and played through several maps with a buddy in Private Team DM. It's a solid enough game...8/10.

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sickbird2683d ago

the game is 7-7.5 game. The multiplayer is really where it shines.

dkgshiz2683d ago

Yeah, I finished the campaign earlier today. It was a decent rental. It still was just your average old shooter however.

femshep2683d ago

this game deserves at least an 8 maybe an 8.5
the single player despite the shortness is still really well written and the multiplayer outshine cod any day of the week

then again i have never seen a good review from GI mostly cause they are paid like most major reviewers

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