Is PAX the New E3?

Wow. PAX East was year is huge. Huge enough to warrant a move from the smaller-huge Hynes Convention Center in its premiere year in Boston to the huger-huge Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. I’m not entirely sure of the difference in square footage, but it’s generally a good idea to give yourself five minutes to travel from point A to point B around here, especially considering the traffic of cosplayers and the the requisite obese.

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Convas2353d ago

Yeah, though PAX East was huge this year, I really don't see it eclipsing E3. ESPECIALLY not this year's E3.

E3 for the moment is where the big boys come out to play in the largest numbers.

roadtrucker2353d ago

it would be awesome if they made e3 accessible to the public again

Bigpappy2353d ago

E3 is still the big dog. But PAX east has made some noise, they actually had a lot of good content and info at the show. They did well enough to stay relavent and I will look forward to what is shown again next year.

StbI9902352d ago

Did they? didn´t feel it to be certain, except for the 3DS bits.

FrigidDARKNESS2353d ago doesn't have the glizt and glamour like know the bikini girls.

Sev2353d ago


PAX East is a major turd compared to E3. Letting fans attend is great for fans, sucky for press.

I had some idiot walk in front of our camera during a video interview.

tmoss7262353d ago

U mad bro? Press can see the games when the floors aren't open...

DarkSpawnClone2353d ago

yeah sure,just as much of a chance VGA's had last year..people said this for the vga's and it bombed..pax is good but nothing comes close to E3!

manman62353d ago

No, Until Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft announce big titles there then it come no where close

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The story is too old to be commented.