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The release date and time for Crysis 2 finally announced today on twitter!

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finbars752685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Who cares the game sucks anyways.Have fun with your nanosuit.I will stick to playing a real wargame that has real visiuals.Its funny how the majority of the people on my freinds list played 2 games of the demo and deleted right after because of how bad it is.Sorry to break the news to Crytek buit you really screwed the pooch on this one.Homefront might not look good graphically but the game overall is fun and exciting not blahhhh.

NukaCola2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Skipping this game, as it doesn't look imput ressive to me(Looks nice but the gmaeplay isn't mindblowing plus the MP is like COD on a 5 hour energy drink). Can't wait for the PC modding though. Best videos on youtube to watch.

Iroquois_Pliskin2685d ago

so crytek, i heard you were going to push the ps3 to its limits huh.

trounbyfire2685d ago

well i got one match last night 4 v 4 and i got like 2 kills and one was because a guy spawned infront of me.

so what was i doing for the rest of the match you ask well looking for people to shoot. thats right 3+ minutes of running around and finding no one.


normally i would delete it ASAP but i'll give it a second go to day. the plants look pretty...

Skynetone2685d ago

Ii was all a bit underwhelming,

graphics are nice, running and jumping is done well, turning invisible is good, shame about the heavy controls and zero chance of killing someone unless they stand still for ten secounds, what am i firing at these people "rocks"

fooltheman2682d ago

killzone 3 has the best heavy controls...
Best controls I ever experienced on a fps

LaWiiG2685d ago

I disagree. You have to remember one crazy thing about this "demo" ITS A DEMO! lol! The other maps that I've played are a little more expansive on the abilities. Plus, look at the progress that was made with Crysis. Unreal 3 engine does look impressive, but so does the efforts of the Crytek engine. @finbars75, okay you can go back to playing CoD now :P