Rango: The Videogame Review (GPT)

"They say that in life that there are only two guarantees; death and taxes. Ask any gamer and they’ll tell you that there’s a third guarantee – games based on movie licenses tend to suck. That might sound a bit extreme, but the history of gaming is littered with bad games based on movies. Starting way back with ET and running all the way to this generation with games like Iron Man 2, gamers usually get letdown. So obviously I didn’t go into Rango with a lot of high hopes. Thankfully (and surprisingly) Rango took the route of another CGI movie turned videogame, Toy Story 3, and merely borrowed from the movie while making a genuinely good game that can stand on its own."

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charlescox42658d ago

A movie game actually getting a good score? I'm frightened. Everything is upside down. :) I might check this out then.