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If only Homefront featured weapons that packed a stronger punch, or lifelike imagery, or a more intense, varied campaign. If the objective was to take on the big guns in the first-person shooter space, then the battle has been lost.

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Bathyj2563d ago


WTF is that?

You're not rating a steak dinner here.

Elvfam5112563d ago

Who reads USA today for reviews wtf?

Not getting this game just wanted to say that...

CaliGamer2563d ago

USA Today? Was this right next to the Tsunami news? Ridiculous.

Paladz2562d ago

Hey, angry console nerds - This dude from USAToday can be a gamer at heart just like yourselfs, your much better off with his review than IGN or any major review site who are being gifted the crap out of their sense by publishers.

Homefront looks like a BF:BC2/MW2 rip-off, and gameplay shows EXACLY that.

Homefront is another rip-off Modern Warfare FPS that should never had reached a designers table. It brings nothing innovative into the FPS genre and is a disgrace to put retail.