Rising Sun: The Best of Gaming Music from Japan

GamerNode's Jason Fanelli writes: As I'm sure everyone has heard by now, recent events in Japan have taken a turn for the tragic. Hundreds are dead with more hundreds missing after an 8.9 earthquake and ensuing tsunami leveled Northern Japan. Aftershocks are still being felt. All of Japan is reeling.

Being fortunate enough to have a place to write on this grand bulletin board we call the Internet, I felt I had to figure out a way to show the tremendous amount of respect I have for Japan and its people, and to show thanks for everything it has given me. What better way to accomplish this than to focus on my favorite pastime, a pastime I can thank the Japanese for? Better yet, why not focus on the one aspect of gaming I love the most -- the music?

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italianbreadman2628d ago

This is some of the very best music in gaming. Such a good list. Hoping for the best for Japan

amlabella2627d ago

All of the music in Chrono Trigger is fantastic, but "Schala" is one of my favorite pieces from the game. Great pick.

On a side note, it's been tough hearing about Japan. I hope the country can recover soon.