Bethesda MMO Announcement Incoming? Announces Irish MMO Customer Centre For Galway

"ZeniMax, Bethesda’s parent company have announced today that they are to open customer support centre in County Galway. The centre will cater to “future massively multiplayer online games”. Since when did Bethesda make MMO’s?"

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hellzsupernova2626d ago

i think bethesda should work on an Elder Scrolls MMO as well as a Fallout one. I prefer the Elder Scrolls universe more then the fallout.

SwilloTGL2625d ago

Ya, agreed, i think people will go for a Elder scrolls one before a fallout one

blahblah2626d ago

if fallout is any king of ground for this, then i expect player sessions will be very short. not that is not good, i think longest time i played without reboot or freeze was 6 hours

SwilloTGL2625d ago

It's a great announcement for the Irish gaming industry. This could be the first indication of some kind of Bethesda MMO, hopefully Elder Scrolls