Nintendo 3DS final retail unit review: hardware and build quality

"Rejoice! After what has seemed like years of (im)patient waiting, we’ve got a finished EU/UK 3DS hardware unit, one of the alleged 185,000 destined to be available on launch day come 25 March.

Of course, with the system not yet available we lack 3DS game cards to play on our system. For now though, in the absence of retail games to play, we’ve tested out the system’s various pre-installed software apps and the 3DS itself. Here we’ll offer our thoughts and analysis on the hardware and build quality."

Quoted from 3DS Tribe

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clearelite2652d ago

Thanks for the article. I'll probably pick one up eventually.

kneon2652d ago

I tried a 3DS yesterday and found the viewing angle and distance in 3D mode were really restrictive, it was far too easy to move too far out of the sweet spot and loose the 3D effect.

I think the LG 3D phone I tried last month had a more forgiving 3D screen, but I can't be sure without trying them side by side