NXT Gamer: Homefront Review

NXT Gamer's Duncan reviews Homefront:

"I try not to get into a new game with preconceptions, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. In the run up to its release, Homefront seemed to go out of its way to make me dislike it. A major part of my problem is that it’s extremely US-centric. The previews and adverts showed scenes of a Korean invasion of the US, with suburban residential districts being occupied by troops. The intention may have been unsettle the audience with images of their home and culture being destroyed, but for those of us who don’t live in the States, the emotional impact is nullified. “Home is where the war is,” the adverts squealed. “Well, it’s not my bloody home,” I’d sneer."

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mushroomwig2561d ago

I'm really impressed, I was expecting much lower review scores for this game.

RedPawn2561d ago

Mush if you end up getting it, try and find a deal on it, and get on with me.

RedPawn2561d ago

You know this game is not that great, but after playing it for a few hours On-line PS3, I had a lot of fun. I played two hours of previous midnight launch gameplay on the 360, and was laughing the whole time, especially when you get the (remote tank vehicle.)

I like Frontlines and this plays way better, but it's all about creativity. The story is a new age Red Dawn, with cheesy dialogue, shoddy AI that seems to not respond to flanking posistions.

I'll give it right now a 6/10, but there's something so fun about this game, just like Earth Defense Force, that you accept it's ridiculousness.

$49.99 should of been this games sweet spot, the On-line is more satisfying than the campaign. Having large enough maps with 32P battles also works in it's favor.