Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy Review - JPS

"Although the PSP is starting to lose its shine as the Next Generation Portable is coming later this year, there are still games out there worth picking up for the PSP. To name a few, The 3rd Birthday and the much awaited follow-up title to Dissidia, Duodecim Final Fantasy are both solid PSP titles. For those who enjoyed Dissidia back in 2009, Duodecim is here to bring back some of your favorite Final Fantasy characters in the series and offer a new type of gameplay and characters." - JPS

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MightyMark4272500d ago

pretty much the same game as the first one but I enjoyed it!

ShadyDevil2500d ago

The first one was great. If they added more features or characters I am so in! The game looks spectacular and it has Lightning!

firelogic2500d ago

Horrible conclusion. He says to pick up the first game and only pick up the Duodecim if you're really into the extras. Well...Duodecim has the entire first campaign unlocked when you finish the game. There's no reason whatsoever to buy the first game over this one. Plus, it's only $30.

Ddouble2500d ago

Good scores all round so far.