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Eurogamer: "'Press X to jump in mass grave'. I've been confronted with some bizarre button prompts in my time, but Homefront earns itself a special biscuit for this strangely calm exhortation to dive in amongst my slaughtered neighbours."

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plb2685d ago

Anyone who purchased the PC version, does it look as crap as the console version graphics wise?

Ducky2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Looks better... but... it looks slightly better than most free-to-play FPS games (ex: AVA)
Not exactly a game you'd be showing off to anyone.

Performance also seems to be a bit shoddy, especially considering its the Unreal engine? I got better performance in Crysis2's demo than HF's MP.
Hopefully it'll be patched (newer drivers might also help)

MGRogue20172685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

*cough* I'll pass..

gravemaker2685d ago

few days ago i often says that this game is bullshit
i was right, as always) those 8 and 9 was simply PR crap

Redempteur2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )


when game get low scores , you said it's because the game is crap , but when a game get good score , you now say that it's PR ?

You're trolling aren't you ? Because if a review HAVE to give average scores to be "valid" then you're missing so much games..

guigsy2685d ago

I'm glad that reviewers are starting to take campaigns in FPS games more seriously. They should be able to stand on their own two feet and not be carried by their multiplayer component. Believe it or not, not everyone likes multiplayer.

RedPawn2685d ago

That's why I said it should of retailed at $49.99, the review score is spot on, but the multiplayer is a lot of fun.

SpitFireAce852685d ago

Yeah i see a lot of 7s for this game...personally i dont
know since i have yet to pick the game up my self.But
reading some of those reviews makes me wonder how the
heck CoD;Blops got all those 9s when graphically they
are on par even though Homefront has 32 players online
dedicated servrs,Drones,much larger maps,And it most
likely dont lag like Blops...

PS.But the CoD franchise can get away with a lot of
Crap since it sells millions upon Millions..even though
Activision publishes the same game each year with
different skins and over priced DLC..