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BeefJack: "A game that disappoints in almost every way. Its single-player mode relies too heavily on genre conventions and game-story segmentation to the point of being dreary, and the multiplayer is too similar to other things on the market. Homefront isn’t a truly awful game – although at times it comes close – but it’s never anything like the exciting blockbuster shooter we were promised."

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malamdra2684d ago

totally, I played it and this review is right on the money

jeseth2684d ago

Double Ouch.

This game looks like crap. Looks like World @ War which is 3 years old.

BabyTownFrolics2684d ago

and the continued downward spiral of its metacritic score continues, just picked up my copy.

i hope i like it

nycredude2684d ago

How is this possible? I read a few reviews that said this smokes every other online fps!

chak_2684d ago

USA's taste VS european taste.

plb2684d ago

I read those reviews too and tbh I never heard of those sites. Ones I know of so far: IGN - 7/10 Eurogamer 6/10 and this 4.9/10

Lekumkee2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Never ever trust early reviews. It's the early reviews that give it a good score they allow to break the embargo. Notice alot of sites release their review today and not 4 days ago?

All those 9's came from small unknown sites that want to get access to early build to other games. Trade a good score get in good with the company... simple. I can especially see that scenario when you're an unknown up and coming site.

I have a hard time believing anybody who rates this game a 9 or above. I know it's their "opinion" but after playing Homefront there's just no way this game gets a 9 in any way.

ColecoVision2684d ago

"Dreary" LOL... Go back to playing your Mario and Kirby games to cheer you up.

BubbleSniper2684d ago

hmmmm? personally i love DREARY.

think i go play Silent Hill 2 on PC. later girls!

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The story is too old to be commented.